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India International Agro Trade and Technology Fair 2018, 25-27 Oct 2018, New Delhi, India.

Indian Council of Food and Agriculture (ICFA) is organising the International Agro Trade and Technology Fair which is going be held on 25th-27th October, 2018 in New Delhi, India.

The event aims to showcase Indian food and agriculture prowess on a global platform and attract meaningful investment and push vibrant trade and commerce activity. The event is supported by the Ministries of Agriculture, Commerce & Industry and Food Processing Industries, Government of India.

The event involves all key stakeholders of Indian and global agriculture, industry, government, investors, trade and Institutions coming together on a common platform to share their vision and explore possibilities of agro food trade, technologies and investments in agriculture, food, dairy, poultry, fisheries, horticulture, agro machinery and agribusinesses sectors. Organized concurrently with 11th Global Agriculture Summit, 12 International Conferences, 40 Business Dialogue Sessions, 10 International Cooperation Meetings, Swaminathan Global Dialogue on Climate Change and Food Security and the presentation of the 1st World Agriculture Prize, the combined event is must for all the stakeholders in global food and agriculture system to participate.

Embassy of India shall highly appreciate if the information with regard to the India International Agro Trade and Technology Fair 2018 is disseminated among the members of Chamber of Commerce.

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